Sunday, 1 January 2012

Skyrim! (and other places time has forgot)

I pre-ordered Skyrim a while back on Steam, and since then I have never looked back...

For one I think it's a great follow up and it just carries that charm that I found in Oblivion, that was of course, it's biggest challenge IMO. Admittedly, Oblivion was the first Elder Scrolls game I have ever played and I can remember the first time playing it like yesterday..

One of my brothers friends had come round with his Xbox and Oblivion, I watched them play it thinking 'This is kinda cool' and once they'd gone I had a little go, but on a new character.

I was amazed at how a game like this can pull you in and strangely not be ashamed of it (like playing WoW) I mean, I had previously played other games which have roped me in but nothing like this, it was compelling, (at the time, and still kinda now) graphically stunning and the quests made you feel like you were the only one playing it, even though millions of people have already done the same quest as you.

But anyway back to Skyrim.. yeah basically I felt Skyrim had to live up to Oblivion, and from my initial play with it I though that this was really good, but not as good as Oblivion but before you know it I had played this for about 5 straight hours. Now that, is roping someone into the game. But now that I think of it, nothing will ever compare to Oblivion, in my opinion but this can also be said for people who's first Elder Scrolls game was Morrowind or even Daggerfall or Arena!

This did make me think about gamers first game in a series they'd played, you'll find all the way through any series Fallout, Zelda, Mario or as the previously mentioned, Elder Scrolls that people will find the first one they played, to be the best. As this holds some sort of memory that this game changed their view on what was good, and what was bad.

But anyway, I'll do a proper review later on I feel that this was a first glance post, and to be honest.... it's a nice view I've got here.


  1. It's really good, it was on offer on Steam a few days ago for like £24