Sunday, 1 January 2012

Games I played in 2011

I saw this in another blog so I thought I might make one for myself

Some of these were released this year, others I've only just had the chance to play them this year

Deus Ex

Completetly unenjoyable, pure garbage, nothing to relate to/ captivates me. A real dissappointment from something that is graphically very good.

2/10 (Just for graphics)

Portal 2

Fantastic as per usual with Valve games, there was doubt whether it would live up to Portal, and I believe it has.
As per it has the black humour and quirkiness as Portal with challenges which were both mentally punishing and enjoyable.
The voice acting was excellent, I loved how they chose Stephen Merchant (If only Karl and Ricky made cameo's) I think he fit Wheatley very well.
Co-op was just as fun, but alas, it was too short, I wanted more! But I was still happy that they brought out free DLC for it which amde up for it.



I really don't know what to say about Skyrim, it's on par with Oblivion with drawing you in (see other blog post about Skyrim) and has so many hours of questing and they've just really gone to town with this game, although I still find its predecessor slightly better, I still would give this the same rating and hopefully it gets GOTY from everyone!


Aha! Swedish Lego! Now this was different to the other games here, I'm only really listing it here as it was officially released in November during Minecon. but anyway I'll get to the review, I found it's intuitiveness astounding about how you can just spawn in the middle of nowhere, with no help, and before you know it you have a huge smoothstone castle with a lava moat.

Although I would criticise its lack of Help or recipe guides in game, you still can get around the game without any help, as many of other millions of players have already found out.

But one thing I do have to criticise is the community.
I'm not sure if its a small percentage of it crying out more than the rest of if its jsut a majority, but there are so many 12 year olds.
Normally I don't care about the age that are playing but at the age of 12, you don't have a huge regard on what gets posted on a forum, and what sticks in your head for no-one to see. (eh?)

And on that note 7/10


Huge waste of money I my opinion, no re playability, full price still. huge disappointment on that half. But I did find the main storyline very good, but everything else pulls it down.



Some may call this a minecraft clone, but I say differently, it's not and yet strangely more intuitive than minecraft due to the recipes, but still yet you can still play flawlessly.
Personally, I see that it needs a better server browser as you have a huge list of ips in the end that you can't delete.
Gameplay wise it has no story.. but yet in a sense it does, as the further down you tunnel, the further you get into the story as it has dungeons, tough mobs and stuff you'd see if you progressed further into a game.

I see this as a 8/10


  1. nice selection of games bro! looking forward to an updates list in 2012!

  2. I also love terraria :) great game!